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Pierce the veil
All time low
Fall out boy
A day to remember
Of mice and men
Bring me the horizon
Tonight alive
The story so far
The summer set
Sleeping with sirens
Panic! At the disco
Man overboad
Mayday parade
Blink 183
Black veil brides
The 1975



Problems in your life that can’t make your dreams happen, maybe you got parents that don’t understand you, maybe you got friends at school that make fun of the way you dress, for the things you wanna do, for the music that you listen to. Maybe you don’t have the courage inside yourself yet to let that shit happen, but i just want you guys to promise me right here on this stage right now. That you guys will never give up hope alright? I want you to promise me that you will put up a middle finger to those mother fuckers trying to stop you, but right now on the count of three let me get a good fuck you… 1,2,3… FUCK YOU alright listen you guys are amazing.